Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Momma Days!!

Hello Blog World!
Its been far to long since I have taken time out of my crazy days to site down and blog!
I started this blog almost a year ago right before we moved from Beaumont back here to Lufkin! Since then life has been nothing but crazy!
I really am wanting this blog to grow so I am working on post and really pushing to blog as much as I can!

This blog post today is all about catching up and for those who are new here to fill you in on who I am!! So here we go!!

I am joining in over at That Friday Blog Hop too! (yes, I know I am late!)

That Friday Blog Hop

For all those visiting from That Friday Blog Hop, Welcome!!

Lets see..... A little about me!
My name is Joanna! I live in Lufkin Texas with my Husband Andrew and 2 sweet baby boys! Jonathan is 21 months old and Jaxon is a month old!

Andrew and I got married in March of 2014! I have loved this crazy journey with him! Between 2 boys, moving towns, and so much more it has been a blast!

I always say I was born a Northern girl ment to be a Southern girl! I was born in Pennsylvanian and moved to Texas in 2007! I have since lived in Mississippi and Oklahoma but I love Texas the best and am so glad to be living back here again!!
I am a stay at home Momma and I love every minuet of time with my boys!

This blog is still very new and trying to get its feet under it, but the goal of this blog is to share my day to day life as a wife and Momma as well as encourage other moms, share stories and recipes, and so much more!

Thank you for stopping and visiting me and my small part of the blog world! I hope you stay and enjoy life with me! Leave me a comment if you follow my blog and I will follow back!! I love making blogger friends!!

Joanna Noel

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