Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Want To Be "That" Mom!

I am almost 100% sure other wives and moms can relate with me on this topic! But even if you cant thank you for taking the time to read this post! This post is mostly about a few things I have been learning and working thru as a wife and mom!

To be honest with you, there are days I feel like I just dont cut it as a wife and mother. There are days the dishes pile up, the laundry really need done, ( hubby tells you he is putting on his last pair of socks) i never even get out of my "messy" cloths, my hair is up, no makeup, and I am doing all I can just to get supper done.

And on days like those I love to look at other friends and think how they have it all together! The one who just posted on facebook that she made her own bread, the one who post pictures of her kids and you can see clean house in the background, and so on and so forth!

And I really did look at them and think they must be so good at this! I feel like im just keeping my head above water!! I get a day planner, I even write out my day! And only 3 things get crossed off if im lucky! I am so not a good wife and mom!

But then ya know what? I realized that I may not be were I need to be on my house! And that yes some of that is on me (i let my phone and facebook distract me) but that does not mean I am a bad wife and mom! And since I see these things, why not take small steps to start changing them!

So I did or am! I am taking the small steps to work on things! I also know that no mom really has it all together! The grass is always cleaner on the other side!
I am taking those things that have made me think other moms have it all together, and letting them fuel my passion! I want to do those things! And I will!

Dont get down if you are a wife and mom and feel this way as well! You are doing a great job! Keep up the good fight! And remember to always love your babies! They are only babies for a small time!!


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