Monday, July 13, 2015

The Joy's of Day to Day Motherhood!

I have been thinking allot just how blessed I am to be a Mother! Granted, its something I have always wanted to be! Long before I was married I always talked and dreamed of being a mother! But know that I am one it changes things so much!
I remember when I was pregnant with Jonathan I told Andrew that I was not really afraid of the labor party, the party I was afraid of was taking care of him after her was born! I was so worried I would mess up or not know what to do!
I always heard that saying " it will just come naturally to you!" but I did not believe it till I actually was there myself! And it was/is true! I have fallen into the roll as Momma very easy!!

I have the privalage of being a stay at home wife and Mother to this cutie!!

To be honest its not fun all the time! There are days I don't get a shower and I have food and spit up on me! The baby is crying allot and the dogs are driving me up a wall and lets not even talk about the laundry and dishes to be done!
But I have found that even during those days I still find the joys in being a Mother!
I love watching Jonathan grow up! Its so neat to watch him change and discover stuff!
I love starting new things with him! The past 2 weeks it has been solid food! We have done sweet potatoes and Peas so far! He loves them! I love making my own baby food! So much cheaper and better for baby! I'll do a post on baby food this week so keep your eyes open for it!

Every day has a Momma I learn something new and different about me, life, and Jonathan! Its amazing how someone so small can change how you see life!
Yes, you give up allot to be a parent, but to me its worth it! I always feel so sad when I hear other Mom's complain about how there child has taken so much time away from them! And some of these moms who complain say they wanted a baby! Children are a joy!

I love shopping for Jonathan and he is really starting to grow and needed some bigger cloths! Are local Once Upon A Child had a sale last Saturday were all the clearance Items for on sale for $1 so we went and got some stuff!

I love everything we got! And what a better deal then $1 each!

If your over from Mingle Monday welcome! This blog is new and still getting on its feat but I hope you stay around!!

Joanna Noel

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