Monday, December 7, 2015


The title of this blog today is very simple. And I wanted it that way because I feel like it encompasses allot of things for me and my family right now! Let me catch you up on us really fast!!

We moved back to Lufkin Tx a little over 2 weeks ago! I still have some boxes to unpack and as always I am still WAY behind on laundry! But so far it has been very nice!
Andrew transfered to an office up here with the same company he was working with in Beaumont! Its nice to be back in an area we now and back near friends and family again! 
Beaumont was a great learing experiance for us and I would not trade it for anything! We grew as adults and as a family so much there!!

Joanthan will be a year old on the 23rd of this month! Someone tell me where my baby went so fast!! He is such a joy to be around and I love staying home and being his Mommy!
He has 8 teeth and moves everywere! I am sure he will be walking very soon!!

We will be having his first birthday party this weekend! I cannot wait!!

Some people think change is the enemy! I dont always like change, but as I have grown up and all I have found that change is not always a bad thing! Sometimes change is very good for our lives! I think that if we dont run from change good things can happen!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We Are All A Hot Mess!

Its true!!! We are!! Well, maybe I should explain more so you understand!

Yes... I am talking about us Mom's! I found this on facebook today and had to share it there! And then as I stewed over it some more today I relized I needed to make a blog post about it!
Its interesting how we all look at another mom and think they have it all together! I actually talked about that in my last blog post!
We think they are the "perfect" mom! They have motherhood figured out! There house must be always clean and there kids are always happy and good and played with enough!! But most of that is not true!
We had are couples Bible Study Sunday night and I was telling a friend there how bad I am at keeping the house up and how Andrew helped me clean this past weekend and my goal is to keep it up better! She told me that her house was not clean till Friday... That kinda shocked me at first! The times I have seen her home it always looks so so nice! I guess I just assumed she had it all together on the cleaning front! Then we were talking of friendships and our kids and she mentioned how some nights she would wonder if she had played with her daughter enough that day. Once again I was shocked!! I relized just how much I had thought other Moms had it together and I was just the odd one!
Then today I found the above quote! And it rings so true for me! I am sure there are other moms out there that may even look at me and think I have it all! And I laught and think "ya right!" But in truth, we each think the other person must have it all together, when really, we are all on the same page! Yes, Maybe for some its easier to clean or to play with our kids. Some parts of being a mom come easier to others, but there is always something or a few things each mom does not feel like they are up to beat on! 
I have decided to be the best mom I can be! And know that other moms out there are fighting the same battles with me!!!

Lets talk a little about life here at my house!!

This little cutie is 8 months old now!! Where did my baby go? I am allready working on stuff for his 1st Birthday party!! Crazy! he just started pulling up on stuff this weekend!! He is on the move!!

I made these super yummy Blueberry Muffins for church Sunday!! Link for the recipe below! Your welcome!!

See Y'all Next time!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Want To Be "That" Mom!

I am almost 100% sure other wives and moms can relate with me on this topic! But even if you cant thank you for taking the time to read this post! This post is mostly about a few things I have been learning and working thru as a wife and mom!

To be honest with you, there are days I feel like I just dont cut it as a wife and mother. There are days the dishes pile up, the laundry really need done, ( hubby tells you he is putting on his last pair of socks) i never even get out of my "messy" cloths, my hair is up, no makeup, and I am doing all I can just to get supper done.

And on days like those I love to look at other friends and think how they have it all together! The one who just posted on facebook that she made her own bread, the one who post pictures of her kids and you can see clean house in the background, and so on and so forth!

And I really did look at them and think they must be so good at this! I feel like im just keeping my head above water!! I get a day planner, I even write out my day! And only 3 things get crossed off if im lucky! I am so not a good wife and mom!

But then ya know what? I realized that I may not be were I need to be on my house! And that yes some of that is on me (i let my phone and facebook distract me) but that does not mean I am a bad wife and mom! And since I see these things, why not take small steps to start changing them!

So I did or am! I am taking the small steps to work on things! I also know that no mom really has it all together! The grass is always cleaner on the other side!
I am taking those things that have made me think other moms have it all together, and letting them fuel my passion! I want to do those things! And I will!

Dont get down if you are a wife and mom and feel this way as well! You are doing a great job! Keep up the good fight! And remember to always love your babies! They are only babies for a small time!!


Monday, July 13, 2015

The Joy's of Day to Day Motherhood!

I have been thinking allot just how blessed I am to be a Mother! Granted, its something I have always wanted to be! Long before I was married I always talked and dreamed of being a mother! But know that I am one it changes things so much!
I remember when I was pregnant with Jonathan I told Andrew that I was not really afraid of the labor party, the party I was afraid of was taking care of him after her was born! I was so worried I would mess up or not know what to do!
I always heard that saying " it will just come naturally to you!" but I did not believe it till I actually was there myself! And it was/is true! I have fallen into the roll as Momma very easy!!

I have the privalage of being a stay at home wife and Mother to this cutie!!

To be honest its not fun all the time! There are days I don't get a shower and I have food and spit up on me! The baby is crying allot and the dogs are driving me up a wall and lets not even talk about the laundry and dishes to be done!
But I have found that even during those days I still find the joys in being a Mother!
I love watching Jonathan grow up! Its so neat to watch him change and discover stuff!
I love starting new things with him! The past 2 weeks it has been solid food! We have done sweet potatoes and Peas so far! He loves them! I love making my own baby food! So much cheaper and better for baby! I'll do a post on baby food this week so keep your eyes open for it!

Every day has a Momma I learn something new and different about me, life, and Jonathan! Its amazing how someone so small can change how you see life!
Yes, you give up allot to be a parent, but to me its worth it! I always feel so sad when I hear other Mom's complain about how there child has taken so much time away from them! And some of these moms who complain say they wanted a baby! Children are a joy!

I love shopping for Jonathan and he is really starting to grow and needed some bigger cloths! Are local Once Upon A Child had a sale last Saturday were all the clearance Items for on sale for $1 so we went and got some stuff!

I love everything we got! And what a better deal then $1 each!

If your over from Mingle Monday welcome! This blog is new and still getting on its feat but I hope you stay around!!

Joanna Noel

Monday, June 22, 2015

Oh Sweet Summer!

SUMMER IS HERE!!! And this Momma is loving it!
Well living in South East Texas it has sorta been Summer for some time now and the heat will tell you that very fast! I am enjoying my AC inside! I do love my big back doors so I can see out to the pond tho!

And every once and a while I get out in Monday to walk with some of the Mom's in our Local Play Group! I am so glad to have these ladies!

We only live about an hour from Galveston and have loved going to the beach! I know summer has just started but we have already been 5 times!
Andrew loves taking Jonathan for walks on the beach!

                                                                          Beach baby!

Hanging out on the Beach with Momma!

Andrew and I went fishing in the pound behind our apartment for the first time this year and I got  a bass!

 I love this little boy!

All that to say, Summer life has been good so far! We have been enjoying the beach, fishing, swimming in our pool, and just hanging out in our diaper :)

If your over from Mingle Monday WELCOME! This blog is just getting started and we would love to have you along for the ride! I follow back!

Joanna Noel

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting To Know You!

Greetings! As this is my first post on this blog I figured we better get to know each other...or more you get to know who I am!

This is not my first time blogging, actually I have another blog that I have been blogging at for about 6 years. But since getting married in 2014 I have not been very good at blogging over there and really felt the need for a fresh start! I may change that blog up some and run both someday! For now we will stay here!

My name is Joanna! I love in South Texas! I am married to my favorite man Andrew and we have a 5 month old son Jonathan!
We got married March 15, 2014 and really were wanting to start a family right away! As you can tell we did!

I am a stay at home Momma who also sells craft and homeaid stuff on the side as well as a Consultant for Thirty One Gifts! I love what I do!
We have 2 sweet dogs Webster who is a Maltese and 12 years old and Paisley who is a Yorky and 4 years old!

My husband and I are the Youth Pastors at are church and are enjoying helping our youth grow and loving on them!

This blog is my way of just talking about my day, sharing ideas and recipies, and talking about subjects that are on my heart!
I hope you will join me!
If you follow my blog and leave me a comment I'll be sure to follow back!


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