Monday, June 22, 2015

Oh Sweet Summer!

SUMMER IS HERE!!! And this Momma is loving it!
Well living in South East Texas it has sorta been Summer for some time now and the heat will tell you that very fast! I am enjoying my AC inside! I do love my big back doors so I can see out to the pond tho!

And every once and a while I get out in Monday to walk with some of the Mom's in our Local Play Group! I am so glad to have these ladies!

We only live about an hour from Galveston and have loved going to the beach! I know summer has just started but we have already been 5 times!
Andrew loves taking Jonathan for walks on the beach!

                                                                          Beach baby!

Hanging out on the Beach with Momma!

Andrew and I went fishing in the pound behind our apartment for the first time this year and I got  a bass!

 I love this little boy!

All that to say, Summer life has been good so far! We have been enjoying the beach, fishing, swimming in our pool, and just hanging out in our diaper :)

If your over from Mingle Monday WELCOME! This blog is just getting started and we would love to have you along for the ride! I follow back!

Joanna Noel

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting To Know You!

Greetings! As this is my first post on this blog I figured we better get to know each other...or more you get to know who I am!

This is not my first time blogging, actually I have another blog that I have been blogging at for about 6 years. But since getting married in 2014 I have not been very good at blogging over there and really felt the need for a fresh start! I may change that blog up some and run both someday! For now we will stay here!

My name is Joanna! I love in South Texas! I am married to my favorite man Andrew and we have a 5 month old son Jonathan!
We got married March 15, 2014 and really were wanting to start a family right away! As you can tell we did!

I am a stay at home Momma who also sells craft and homeaid stuff on the side as well as a Consultant for Thirty One Gifts! I love what I do!
We have 2 sweet dogs Webster who is a Maltese and 12 years old and Paisley who is a Yorky and 4 years old!

My husband and I are the Youth Pastors at are church and are enjoying helping our youth grow and loving on them!

This blog is my way of just talking about my day, sharing ideas and recipies, and talking about subjects that are on my heart!
I hope you will join me!
If you follow my blog and leave me a comment I'll be sure to follow back!


Images by Freepik