Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We Are All A Hot Mess!

Its true!!! We are!! Well, maybe I should explain more so you understand!

Yes... I am talking about us Mom's! I found this on facebook today and had to share it there! And then as I stewed over it some more today I relized I needed to make a blog post about it!
Its interesting how we all look at another mom and think they have it all together! I actually talked about that in my last blog post!
We think they are the "perfect" mom! They have motherhood figured out! There house must be always clean and there kids are always happy and good and played with enough!! But most of that is not true!
We had are couples Bible Study Sunday night and I was telling a friend there how bad I am at keeping the house up and how Andrew helped me clean this past weekend and my goal is to keep it up better! She told me that her house was not clean till Friday... That kinda shocked me at first! The times I have seen her home it always looks so so nice! I guess I just assumed she had it all together on the cleaning front! Then we were talking of friendships and our kids and she mentioned how some nights she would wonder if she had played with her daughter enough that day. Once again I was shocked!! I relized just how much I had thought other Moms had it together and I was just the odd one!
Then today I found the above quote! And it rings so true for me! I am sure there are other moms out there that may even look at me and think I have it all! And I laught and think "ya right!" But in truth, we each think the other person must have it all together, when really, we are all on the same page! Yes, Maybe for some its easier to clean or to play with our kids. Some parts of being a mom come easier to others, but there is always something or a few things each mom does not feel like they are up to beat on! 
I have decided to be the best mom I can be! And know that other moms out there are fighting the same battles with me!!!

Lets talk a little about life here at my house!!

This little cutie is 8 months old now!! Where did my baby go? I am allready working on stuff for his 1st Birthday party!! Crazy! he just started pulling up on stuff this weekend!! He is on the move!!

I made these super yummy Blueberry Muffins for church Sunday!! Link for the recipe below! Your welcome!!

See Y'all Next time!!

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